Hi, I’m Marika! A babbler, an avid journal keeper, a believer in all things that cause positivity and a wannabe/newbie traveller who’s been captured by wanderlust.

 For some time I wanted to have a platform where family over seas or friends could read about things I am doing or that I am most passionate about. So since interrailing became such a huge thing for me I thought now would be the perfect time to start this blog up. (Much easier than having to ship my never ending journal over to Spain!) Also, moving to university as of September 2016, away from my friends and family, I hoped this would be just one of the ways for them to know that I haven’t perished in the dramatic world of London.

For clarification, I am in no way a photographer but am so so so motivated to gain more experience and an understanding of a, camera? is it called? whilst developing this blog. I KNOW how devastating it is to not be able to give something so beautiful, enough justice. Not that any photo ever does compared to the real thing. Regardless, all photos with be either taken by me or my brainier other half!

Anywho! Grab a brew, pardon the rhyme and enjoy,

Marika x

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